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With UtilizeHub you get valuable insights that helps you scope your next CRM project. 

"By presenting relevant and unique insights, and engaging stakeholders and decision-makers, sales reps will close opportunities faster. In fact, their sales cycles are more than 20% shorter."

(Source: CSO Insights). 

Most CRM projects ends up with not meeting the success criterias. Either the customer is not satisfied or the users are not totally adapting the new tools and opportunities.

First, Second & Third generation Customers

There's a huge difference between companies that purchase a CRM for the first, second or third time. The 3rd generation customers knows the language, they know the difference between a deal and a pipeline. They expect a tool that can support their needs and they know what they want.

The 1st generation customers don't know anything. 

Prepare for the unexpected

Most first time CRM customers don't know how to purchase a CRM system! They have never implemented one before and in their research they have visited numerous vendor websites, watched webinars, asked on LinkedIn and they don't know what they don't know. With the CRM Assessment you bring facts to the table.

With the CRM Assessment we ask questions about different aspects of how ready for a new CRM your potential client is. The questions we ask are related to:

  • Strategy - do you have a strategy for implementing HubSpot?
  • Leadership - do you have allocated and dedicated leadership capacity to support the project?
  • Organization - are you ready for new technology?
  • Sales - do you have a sales process?
  • Marketing - are you generating leads?
  • Service - do you handle customers after purchase?

Benefits of the Gap

You get a great overview of current state versus future expectations. With the GAP model we can support your sales process and the content of your offerings.

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