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Utilize your customer base and reduce customer churn

When helping your customers utilizing the full potential of HubSpot you increase customer loyalty, increase value creation and reduce customer churn.

85% of business buyers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services, and 57% have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience

 (Source: Salesforce)

The potential of your existing customer base is enormous - you just have to utilize it

Sales - We don't have time

Very often I hear the excuse from Sales - we are busy. So busy that they don't have time to be efficient in the daily work. That is a shame because many of the reasons they are busy is because they don't use the tools they have available in HubSpot. Most of the clients I have worked with does not use Templates, Sequences, Snippets & Playbooks enough. 

Marketing - We don't have the budget

Most of the time it is not lack of commitment or enthusiasm that prevents marketing departments from utilizing HubSpot. Most of the time it is lack of either budget or competence. Budget for having the right resources or competence because tactics like Google Adds, Paid Social or Smart Content are difficult to implement because they requires specific skills that are hard to hire.

Service - we work in another system

Very often Service or Customer Success are already working in another system or platform. However they are very often detached from Sales and Marketing. That often leads to a lack of collaboration between the different customer-facing departments.

Benefits of the Gap

You get a great overview of current state versus future expectations. With the GAP model we can support your sales process and the content of your offerings.

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See who leads the change

In any organisation some are leading and some are lacking. In the change process of going from one state to another the fast movers are important to use to drive the laggers. It is also important to understand if you need to facilitate engagement before you train or you can build on already motivated employees.

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